Senior Software Development Engineer

New Delhi, New Delhi   |   Full Time

We are looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer at Inc42 Media to be responsible for development and maintenance of Inc42 websites ( and

The role requires to take ownership of all product’s website development and meet product development requirements assisting AVPS and CTO in executing an AGILE methodology of development and project management [Development Cycles].

Key Result Areas

1. Stack  Requirements 

a. The role requires good understanding of Front-end languages [HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript];

b. Must have hands on experience in code optimisation, ‘JavaScript’, ‘REACT', ‘AngularJS’, "Modern JavaScript Frameworks”, ‘SQL’, and ‘NOSQL’; ability to understand CSS changes and their ramifications to ensure consistent style across platforms and browsers;

c. Comfortable working with WordPress including "Theme customisation & Plugin customisation";

d. Knowledge of how to implement RESTful APIs and formats (JSON, XML) is of added advantage. Along with, proficiency in understanding code versioning tools such as Git.

2. The Senior Developer should showcase a strong understanding of industry trends and content management systems. Experience in working with a product team or SaaS/Subscription business models and ability to build a high performing happy team.

3. Accountable for designing and implementing new features and functionality. Establishing and guiding the website’s architecture with ability to troubleshoot and assist in ‘Server Side Scripting’.

4. Documentation process, long term stability, high performance and availability, for managing development cycles.

5. Lastly, understanding the technical aspects of the CMS to help formulate an effective, responsive design and turning it into a working theme and plugin.

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