Sr. Features Correspondent

New Delhi, New Delhi
Work Type: Full Time

Inc42 Media is in search of an experienced News Writer/Correspondent to enrich our editorial squad. Your mission? Delve into the intricate worlds of tech, business, and finance within the dynamic startup ecosystem, weaving engaging and data driven scoops/articles. As a pivotal member of our editorial dream team, your creative prowess will directly engage with our Editor-in-Chief(Pooja Sareen).

We're seeking a dedicated journalist who can unravel complex business narratives. If your storytelling finesse harmonizes with the pulse of news and you carry a proven track record of crafting captivating scoops, we extend an open invitation for you to embark on a captivating narrative journey with us. Your words will shape conversations and enrapture our readers.

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Why Choose Inc42? 
At Inc42, we stand apart by placing journalists and their aspirations at the heart of our narrative. Rather than fitting roles into predetermined molds, we believe in fostering an environment where great journalism flourishes from a journalist's innate desire to share compelling stories. Our journalists are empowered to shape their viewpoints and perspectives, driving their own original narratives. If you're a journalist ready to embrace growth, tell distinct stories, and shape your unique perspective, Inc42 eagerly awaits your contribution to our journey.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Weekly long-form original stories in tech, business & finance for startup ecosystem of Southeast Asia
  • Data-Analysis for each story via DataLabs, MCA Reports, RTIs and secondary research

Annual KRA

  • Data-driven value additions to stories by integrating infogrames based on data collected and / or referred. Implying thoughtful journalism and analysis through audio, video and / or written interviews.
  • The exclusivity of the stories.
  • Positioning yourself in the market by attending events and network to build journalistic inside insights + sources.

Professional Traits

  • Individuals with 6-8 years in core business journalism.
  • Bachelors or Masters in Journalism / mass communication or equivalent degree.
  • Strong news reporting basics required - understanding essentials such as nutgraf, lede, background.
  • Understanding of news / features’ structure and tropes to deliver copies in express speed.
  • Understanding of the startup and policy landscape to self select and pitch stories
  • Strong language skills

About Inc42 Media
Inc42 is India’s #1 startup media & intelligence platform that informs, educates and empowers startup & business leaders through its incisive reporting, insightful reports, curated events & communities, and industry-leading executive courses & programs.

Since launching in January 2015, and having risen to become the authoritative voice on India’s startup economy, we've moved markets, gotten the early scoop on billions of dollars of transactions and told you what's happening deep inside some of the fastest-growing startups & industries alike. Our stories have been followed by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, TechCrunch and other major outlets hundreds of times.

We also track over 50,000+ startups and provide market research and intelligence through our in-depth research reports, and we organise some of the most sought-after conferences and events for startup & business leaders across India. 

In 2020, we introduced Inc42 Plus, our exclusive membership program tailored for startup & business leaders, amassing over 10,000 members in record time. Apart from our sharp reporting & insightful research, through Inc42 BrandLabs, we partner with enterprises & brands to help them create branded content & experiences and reach our audience of decision-makers.

Starting with a simple mission and a team of three(Vaibhav VardhanPooja Sareen Utkarsh Agarwal) , Inc42 has now become a household name with a team of 60+ rockstars while being operationally profitable.

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